Digitaal rondebord schaatsen

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Digitaal rondebord voor schaatsen

- Hoge kwaliteit, gefabriceerd in Duitsland
- Zeer lange batterijduur
- Compact
- Zeer duidelijk voor de schaatsers
- Erg handig voor de Coaches.

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Product beschrijving

MV1 manual

Holding MV1 correctly MV1 is generally held in the centre from the top (keypad area) and tilted downwards so that both the case halves can be held with one hand. In this state, the keypad can be read and operated by the operator.

Switching on and switching off The button "9" on the right side (symbol) is the switch-on and switch-off button and enables both the displays. Press 9 to switch on. Keep 9 pressed for approximately 3 seconds to switch off. If the LED number pad is not operated for more than five minutes, it switches off automatically. This helps save energy and increases the battery RUNTIME. IF YOU PRESS ANY BUTTON ON THE LEFT OR RIGHT, THE SWITCH-OFF TIME (5 MINUTES) IS RESET.


After switching on The button LEDs flash as moving light under the keypad and a middle segment flashes permanently on both the sides. In addition, two red segments flash on the right side one after the other, which displays the charge status of the batteries. For more information regarding this, refer to the column "Battery".


Selecting the number The desired number illuminates after pressing a button. Press the button briefly. In principle, the number on the left pad is displayed in white LED and that on the right in red LED. The numbers can be identified extremely well even at a distance of 60 m or in case of poor visibility conditions. A special filter made of acryl ensures excellent anti-glare and anti-reflective reproduction of the numbers. Its surface is resistant against finger scratches.mv1_3


Charging The traffic light circuit is used to describe the charging process of the Lipo batteries.  A microprocessor ensures deep discharge of the batteries. If the LED number pad is not operated for more than five minutes, it switches off automatically. This helps to save energy and you get more battery runtime as well.

Battery MV1 has a lithium polymer battery (LiPo) to achieve good results in the smallest of areas. After switching on, two red segments flash amongst each other, which indicate the charge status of the batteries. These segments become shorter with increasing battery performance. For reducing the power consumption, MV1 is dimmed in the half-full condition; only one segment is active with 60% brightness. In spite of that, an additional operating time of approximately 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours is possible.
An LED keypad (early warning display) flashing during the charging indicates the charging status. The microprocessor does not allow you to switch on the unit if the battery is weak. It thus prevents deep discharge so as to protect the battery.  


Charging batteries MV1 has a complex LiPo charging regulator that ensures that the battery is charged only under absolutely proper conditions. Every step of the charging process is monitored permanently.
The battery is charged via an external mains adaptor. The charging voltage of 16 VDC must not be exceeded. Please use the provided mains adaptor only. MV1 cannot be switched on during the charging process. MV1 switches off automatically if external voltage is applied.
The charging process is indicated using the traffic light circuit (green, amber, red). The amber LED (power) flashes after the plug is inserted in the charging socket and the mains adaptor has voltage. This indicates that the internal charging regulator is working perfectly. The red LED (charge) then flashes as an indication of recharging. The green LED (ready) flashes after the charging process is complete. This condition can be retained for another 24 hours on the power adaptor as the charging regulator takes over the monitoring of the charged batteries. The charging time is < 5 hours.

CAUTION! Please do not store a fully charged battery in case of a longer storage time, i.e. > 4 weeks.

Case PE Splashproof
Casesize 245 x 210 x 50 
Key lifetime >1,000,000 x switch
Digits Dimensions 190 x 120
LED white 4000mcd max.
LED red  2800mcd max.
LED Control Electronic current source per 2 LED’s
LED Communications Serial
Microprocessor 2 x Atmega8 1MHz
Battery Type     Lithium-Polymer
Battery voltage 11,1V (full)
Battery capacity 4500mAh
Battery temperature 10°C bis 45°C
Battery charging time < 5 Hours
Total time > 5 Hours
Operating -20°C bis 65°C
Storage -20°C bis 45°C  < 1 month
Humidity RH45~85%
Total weight 1400g

In the development of our product, we devoted special attention to a high technical standard. Great care was put into the indoor–and outdoor use. Simple and logical operation with a high-quality lithium–polymer battery, illuminate the red and white LED`s through a non–reflection coated filter. Hi–Tech electronic ensure durability of the device far beyond the Speed–Skating-Sport.

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